What is YNet?

“YNet” is an acronym for “Yukon government Network”.

It is also commonly used to describe a “corporate” service (e.g. YNet Active Directory).

What is the YNet Used For?

YNet is secured network used for:

  1. Interconnecting all ~250 Yukon Territorial Government buildings and resources;
  2. Transporting “corporate” business information and I.T. services where YESNet transports “education” business and I.T. services.

What is YNet’s Role in Education?

All school office computers & printers reside on YNet (conversely all non-office computers & printers in schools reside on YESNet).

Why Two Networks?

Simply as a measure to separate (and thus protect) “corporate” and “education” information and business.

Is Wireless (WiFi) Available on YNet?

Yes. Many YG buildings will have a “YG Whitehorse” network used for YG staff and a “YG Guest” network for non-YG access.