What is YESNet?

“YESNet” is an acronym for “Yukon Education Student Network”.

“YESNet” is also commonly used to describe “education” services such as:

What is the YESNet Used For?

YESNet is secured network used for:

  1. Interconnecting all ~40 Yukon Education buildings and resources;
  2. Transporting “education” business information and I.T. services where YNet transports “corporate” business and I.T. services.

What is YESNet’s Role in Education?

All school computers (exception: school office computers) reside on “YESNet” to connect to education intranet and internet services.

All technology on YESNet has “education-specific” policies and guidelines applied to them to meet the needs of teachers & students.

Why Two Networks?

Simply as a measure to separate (and thus protect) “corporate” and “education” information and business.

YESNet & Education Wireless

Yukon schools have access to wireless (aka wifi) services on YESNet for educational internet use.

You may have noticed several “wireless networks” (also known as SSIDs) in your school. Below explains why:

  • YESNETINT: Available in ALL education buildings. Used for all education owned “wireless capable” devices. NOTE: ITSS will NOT provide this password;
  • YESNET: Available in schools who do NOT allow student “*BYOD”. This password is only provided to school staff;
  • TEACHERS: Available in schools who allow students “*BYOD”. This password is only provided to school staff;
  • STUDENTS: Available in schools who allow student “*BYOD” Students are provided with a password for connecting their personal devices.

* – BYOD is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”.