When adding a Xerox Workcentre featuring Accounting for the first time:

Step-by-step guide


  • To enable printing and your accounting on the new Xerox Workcentre see instructions below.


1. Login as Teacher, select Self Service. Install the desired Xerox Workcentre (e.g.PCS-WorkRm-X7970). This will take a few minutes to install all the needed software and drivers.


2. Go the document you wish to print. Select the PCS-WorkRm-X7970 as the printer for this particular job. Click on the third pull down menu; Copies and Pages. Select Xerox Features.



3. Under Xerox Features select Colour Options. Choose Black and White.




4. Under Xerox Features, select Advanced. Choose Configuration>Accounting.



5. Choose Xerox Standard Accounting:



Hit OK.


6. Under Presets Choose Save Current Settings as Preset.







7. Ensure you only select the Xerox Workcentre 7970 printer.




8. After saving settings. Print your first job. The window below will appear. Type in your code in User ID.



9. Hit OK and your job will print.


10. From now on, if you wish to print to the Workcentre you need only ensure the printer is selected. Your saved settings will appear. You will need to type in your code for each job.