Applies To:  Yukon Education Teachers

Cost Share Intake Status

Wave 10 Sign-Up will open August 20, 2019

Sign up here;

Cost Share Schedules

Wave Began Ends Buyout / Exit Response Request
One January 2016 January 2019 November 2018
Two May 2016 May 2019 March 2019
Three November 2016 November 2019 September 2019
Four January 2017 January 2020 November 2019
Five October 2017 October 2020 August 2020
Six January 2018 January 2021 November 2020
Seven June 2018 June 2021 March 2021
Eight Oct 2018 Oct 2021 August 2021
Nine April 2019 April 2022 January 2022
Ten Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022 June 2022

One-to-One FAQ

A: The Teacher One-to-One Device Cost Sharing Program is an optional and affordable way to put new MacBook Airs and iPads in the hands of Yukon teachers.

Through this program, teachers and Yukon Education share the cost of leasing Apple devices, each paying half of the annual lease fees.

A: Online via

Step One: Expression of Interest (does NOT commit you to the program)

  • Visit the Learning Support Services (LSS) booth at Summer Academy
  • Fill out the sign up form to be available on this website (Note: Form is only available during the sign up period)

Step Two: Payroll Deduction & Commitment Form (DOES commit you to the program)

  • An email with the Payroll Deduction & Commitment form is sent to the work email address of those who've signed up
  • You must print + sign the form and submit it to Yukon Education (fax, scan to email, deliver in person)

Step Three: Pick up Device(s)

  • An notice will be sent to you via email when equipment has arrived and is ready for pick up
  • You will come down the Education building, visit Resource Services. Please bring your photo ID.
  • ITSS will take 15 minutes of time to walk you through some set up steps

Step Four: Return or Buy Out Device(s) and or Re-Enroll in Program at the end of year 3

  • Participants with iPads will own the iPad - Please note the iPad will be removed from ITSS systems and you will need to purchase any corporate apps you wish to continue to use
  • Participants with MacBook Airs will receive an email notice approximately 6 months in advance inquiring if you plan to return, buy out and or re-enroll
    • Return - Simply bring the MacBook Air to ITSS (A support ticket will be generated, all data will be securely wiped)
    • Buy Out - The cost to buy out (see program policy for details) will be assessed and you can pay either online or at the department via Credit Card
    • Re-Enrollment - Whether or not you return or buy-out you can re-enroll at summer academy

A: Intake & the ordering of devices will occur twice a year.


Start: 2nd week of April Order: 1st week of May Pick Up: 3rd or 4th week of May.


Start: 2nd week of Sept. Order: 1st week of Nov. Pick Up: 3rd or 4th week of Nov.

A: Please Email with any program related questions.


Your One-to-One device is intended to be used by you (and only you) both at work and at home.

This gives all participants a device (or devices) to personalize and use both at work and at home.

The computers provided to the schools can then be utilized and shared by the students.

A: No.

The program budget only allows for one of each device per participant.

If you would like to upgrade mid-cost share, you can. You must buyout any current device(s) and then sign up for the next intake.

A: You will either own the device outright (iPad) or you will need to decide to buyout to own the device (MacBook Air).

If you choose NOT to buyout the MacBook Air, you simply return it.

You can re-enter the cost-share program at this time.

Q: How Will That Work?

A: We will send you an email advising you (iPad) and or requesting your choice on the MacBook (with the buyout cost included).

If you choose to buyout, you simply come to the dept. and pay via Visa or cheque to pay the buyout cost.

IMPORTANT - Once You Own A Device:

Once the cost-share concludes the dept. will consider that device the same as a "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)". This means the dept. no longer manages that device, nor provides dept. licensed software or apps to that device and will not be able to provide support for that device.

How Does This Affect You?

You CAN continue to use that device at school.

You simply will need to purchase a license for any software or apps you wish to continue to use and should you need technical support, simply visit one of the many local retailers who will be happy to help you.

A: Not Until You Buyout or Own A Device.

During the cost-share ONLY the participant may possess and operate a cost-shared device as per the program policy.

Giving a device, during the 3 years of the cost share, to another person would be a breach of policy, breach of privacy and dept. software licensing agreements.

What About After?

At the conclusion (and only then) of the cost-share (and if you opt to buyout the MacBook Air) a participant will own a given device and then is free to do with it what they choose.

A: Not at this time.

Work is being done to surface a similar program through the corporate side of the Yukon Government.

A: ITSS (or the EET Technician at EET)

The department of Education provides full support for all devices while under cost-share year round.

Other Options

Participants may, at their own expense, have their one-to-one device(s) serviced at certified Apple repair locations.

A: See Page 8 of the Teacher One-to-One Cost Sharing Program Policy


Any damage, loss or theft must be reported immediately. Loss and theft reporting includes the RCMP.

Damage, loss or theft during personal use (outside of scheduled work hours) will be fully covered by the participant.

Damage, loss or theft during work use (during scheduled work hours) will be fully covered by the department unless reasonable care and custody steps were not taken (see policy).