Please see the schedule provided below for ITSS Summer Maintenance.

If your school visit is scheduled during June ensure data is backed up prior to the given date of the visit.

If your school visit is after June ensure data is backed up no later than July 1st.


School Date Community
Ghuch Tla Community School June 10-11 Carcross
KHÀTÌNAS.ÀXH Community School June 12-13 Teslin
Eliza Van Bibber June 17-20 Pelly Crossing
Tantalus Community School June 17-20 Carmarcks
Takhini Elementary June 17-18 Whitehorse
Golden Horn Elementary June 19-20 Whitehorse
Nelnah Bessie John School June 24-27 Beaver Creek
Kluane Lake School June 24-27 Destruction Bay
Grey Mountain Primary June 25-27 Whitehorse
Jack Hulland Elementary June 26 Whitehorse
Elijah Smith Elementary June 27-28 Whitehorse
JV Clark July 2-4 Mayo
Porter Creek Secondary July 2-5 Whitehorse
Watson Lake Secondary July 8-11 Watson Lake
Johnson Elementary July 8-11 Watson Lake
Vanier Catholic Secondary July 8-10 Whitehorse
Wood Street Centre July 11-12 Whitehorse
Ross River July 15-18 Ross River
Del Van Gorder July 15-18 Faro
Whitehorse Elementary July 15-17 Whitehorse
Individual Learning Centre July 18-19 Whitehorse
Aurora Virtual School July 18-19 Whitehorse
Robert Service School July 19-20 Dawson
FH Collins Secondary July 24-26 Whitehorse
Holy Family Elementary July 29-30 Whitehorse
Hidden Valley School July 29-30 Whitehorse
Gadzoosda Residence July 31 Whitehorse
Teen Parent Centre July 31 Whitehorse
St Elias Community Aug 5-7 Haines Junction
Selkirk Elementary Aug 5-7 Whitehorse
Young Offenders August 7 Whitehorse
River Front School August 7 Whitehorse
Christ the King August 12-13 Whitehorse
Chief Zzeh Gittlit Sep 17-20 Old Crow