SketchUp is a 3D modeling program for applications such as interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. Requests to install this software must be approved by TAL to ensure staff are aware of privacy concerns and have followed procedure. To request this software to be made available simply submit a support request to ITSS.

Google SketchUp Pro is a collaborative drawing tool that students are increasingly using
within schools. When the application is used, the collaborative component prompts students to
share their drawings with one another by saving their work to a 3D Warehouse. The 3D
Warehouse resides on a server managed by Google and requires the users of the application
to set-up Google Gmail accounts, a process that collects personal information.

The issue is that the location of the Google server is in the US and there is a concern
regarding students providing personal information in the process of setting up a Gmail account
that will be subject foreign laws. As a result, the advice for using Google SketchUp Pro is that
students save to the local school server only. The safety of the students is vital; therefore,
students should only be able to access their own drawings.

This approach provides students with the ability to use Google SketchUp Pro and download
drawings from the 3D Warehouse. The limitation of this approach is that students cannot
save into the 3D Warehouse and therefore, unable to share their drawings with other
SketchUp Pro users worldwide.