This article reviews setting up server accounts and accessing the school server. For further details regarding file storage and sharing go here.



Each school includes a server that provides various functions including secure location to store and share files. To request a password reset or to obtain a new server account, email In your request, include the following the information:

  • Full name
  • School Location
  • Student #
  • Class


To access the school server:

  1. Go to Finder or click on the desktop. Select Go>Connect to Server


2. Select your school’s server. This will either appear in the window or select browse. It will appear as afp://(your school’s three letter acronym e.g. jhe)


3. Login

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Staff will have a named account (e.g. JSmith). Students should enter their student number. Enter your password. If you do not have a login or have forgotten your password please contact ITSS.


4. Select Volume (Folder)

Once you have entered your credentials select the volume you wish to access, for example, Teacher Resources or your own folder. Once you have opened the appropriate folder you may save work or copy files to your own desktop. After you have finished select the volume’s icon on your desktop and right-click to select eject. This will log you off the server account.


The server can only be accessed from your school. If you or your students do not have a server account or have forgotten your password please contact ITSS.


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