The Rapid Identity Single Sign On Service controls and enables access to a variety of services (e.g. HRMS, webfilter, personalized accounts, Rapid ID portal) with the convenience of one password. Currently, Aspen and First Class remain independent of Rapid ID.

  • If you have forgotten your password for your Rapid Identity login contact
  • In the near future, teachers will be able to reset Rapid ID passwords for students in their school. In the interim, requests for student password resets can be sent to


To reset your own password-

  1. Login to using your YESNET AD/Rapid ID credentials (e.g., pwd: ######)
  2. Once logged in select Profiles.

  1. Click Change Password.
  2. Enter and confirm new password.

  1. Confirm login to Rapid ID portal with new credentials.
  2. Allow for 5 minutes for system to sync changes before attempting to access other services (e.g. HRMS, webfilter, personalized accounts