ITSS provides support for technical issues regarding Promethean boards and projectors. For classroom training, planning lessons or ordering Promethean Products please contact TAL (667-8742) or email



Basic Troubleshooting

Below are a few items of reference when encountering issues with your Promethean.

  1. Board Indicator

2. Check Connections

The computer should have multiple connections to the Promethean projector:

a) USB (this is needed for interactive functionality)

b)Graphic (often VGA cable with an adapter)

c) Sound connections from computer to built in Promethean board speakers or patched to other sound system (e.g. SoundField)


3. Image

If there is no picture or it is indistinct check the following:

a) Ensure the correct source is selected on the remote (e.g. Computer, Video, HDMI etc.).

b) On the Mac, go to System Preferences>Display. Ensure display is optimized for projector rather than Mac. This should automatically alter the resolution.

c) Check image settings on the Projector via remote.

d) If odd colouring continues attempt replacing the adapter connecting the VGA to the Mac.

4. Pen Troubleshooting

If your interactive pen is not functioning properly refer to the following steps:

a) Ensure USB connections are in place.

b) If issue persists, try different USB port, restart computer and Promethean board.

c) If issue persists, check Pen Settings in ActivManager.

d) If issue persists, check Driver version, update if necessary.

e) If issue persists, attempt calibrating the pen or try a different pen.

Calibrating the Promethean Board

– Calibrating the board aligns the pen with the on-screen cursor/mouse.
– There are three methods for beginning the calibration process.
1) Hover pen over white flame in the upper left corner of the board until the flame turns blue.
2) Right-click ActivManager icon in bottom right corner of monitor screen and select ‘Calibrate.’
3) From dashboard, select ‘Configure’ then select ‘Calibrate’ from the menu.
– Follow on-screen instructions.


When white calibration screen appears,
click surface with pen to begin.
Cross-hairs will apper.


Use pen to click intersection of each set of
cross-hairs that appears on the screen.

5. Audio

a) Check connections.

b) Ensure board audio is on (standby switch at side of board, along with volume controls).


c)If patched into Soundfield system, ensure Soundfield receiver is on.

b) On the Mac, go to System Preferences>Audio. Ensure the volume is up and that the correct device is selected for output.


6. Remotes


If the Promethean projector and its connections appear to be in order but the unit does not respond to the remote try the following:

a)Check and or replace the remote batteries.
b)Ensure the IR sensor at the front of the projector is unobstructed and or free of dust.
c)Reset the remote frequency. Pointing towards the projector, press menu and image together and hold for 30 seconds. This will reset the remote’s IR frequency. Attempt to control the projector.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.36.22 PM
d)Contact ITSS for support.