Filter Cleaning

1. If your projector is an LCD that has filters, ensure they are checked & cleaned regularly so that dust does not build up on them. If excessive amounts of dust build up inside the projector and are not cleaned it can cause the projector to overheat and damage internal components that will negatively affect the functionality of the projector. Dust will vary depending on the environment and some areas may have more or less dust then others. We recommend after the projector is installed to check the filters every one to two weeks and making note of the amount of dust each time the filter is checked. For example if you see that after three weeks the filters surface area is covered with dust and needs to be cleaned then you will want to schedule your filter cleaning every three weeks. Keep the projector side vents cleaned with a cloth ONLY when projector is cool and turned off. DO NOT blow air into the projector vents as it will only push dust further into the projector housing and DO NOT use compressed air on any parts of the projector as it can damage internal components.

2. After cleaning the filter and/or replacing the lamp ensure that the filter/lamp counter is reset in the projector menu.

Lamp and Power Management

1.Once you are finished using the projector if you do not plan to turn it back in within the next 30mins turn off the projector using the power button on the Remote.

2. After turning the projector off wait at least 10mins before turning it on.

3. Keep Lamp setting set to Normal for longer lamp life. Some remotes will have a Lamp button on the remote. If not check your projector manual to access this in the settings.

4. Set your Power Management settings in the projector menu to shut down mode and the lowest Timer setting available.

5. The No Show or Blank function should NEVER be used for longer than 15mins.