Q: What is the webfilter?

If you encounter this page (pictured above) it is because the page you are attempting to access is blocked by YESNET’s webfilter, a measure to protect students from inappropriate content. Teachers have the ability to override the filter for most sites.


Q: How do I override the filter?

  • Use your YesNet AD (Active Directory) credentials – the same account & password used to access MyHRFile. See the document below.
  • Click the Web Filter Override icon on the teacher dock







or visit https://v2yesnet.wordpress.com/webfilter-override/



  • Select Override. You will be brought to the Login screen. Input your YESNET AD username (first name.last name). Be sure to select YESNET as the domain.
  • FOR YNET USERS : If you have a YNET account (e.g. an @gov.yk.ca email) use your YNET credentials. Select YNET as the domain.








  • Once you have entered your credentials you will be able to freely navigate to various sites blocked by the webfilter on that specific computer without needing to sign in again (for the duration selected).


Q: I need an account or a password reset – what do I do?

To obtain a username and password or to reset your password, email itss@yesnet.yk.ca.  Please include the following information:

  • Full name
  • School
  • Position (e.g. Teacher, Education Assistant, Principal etc.)

I feel a website should be unblocked, how do I request this?

Enter a support request, the  TAL Coordinator will approve vet the request and authorize ITSS to unblock – Please include:

  • the URL of the site requested.
  • the nature of the site (e.g. Reading Eggs is an online reading program)

You will be notified via email if it is approved & when the site is unblocked.