When you see the following error page (note: this page is in Google Chrome but will vary from browser to browser)

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.22.23 PM

This is a system error which can be fixed by following the directions below as a temporary work around.

  1. Open a new tab (cmd + t in most browsers) and visit https://v2yesnet.wordpress.com/webfilter-override/
  2. Simply return to the original tab or website, refresh the page and it should now be overridden

If this still continues to be an issue please open a support request http://kb.yesnet.yk.ca/request-support/ or email itss@yesnet.yk.ca

More Details

This issue arose due to more websites moving to secure (SSL) connections which required a major system update (new hardware and software) to correct.