Applies To:   All Education Employees
Teacher InstructionsNon-Teacher EDU StaffLeave or Wrong Information Support

I Am A Teacher – How Do I Access “My HR File”?

  1. Vist
  2. Log on using your YESNet AD account (
  3. Click on “My HR File”

Guides for Teachers To View Leave:

  1. How To: Use Remote Access (Start Here)
  2. How To: Logging into Employee Self Service
  3. Questions

Wait! Do I Have a YESNet AD Account? Help?

If the system tells you, you are not in leave online: Please contact HRMS support at:

Good news! All Yukon Education employees will have an Active Directory account!

You may be already using this account if you’ve:

More Questions? Contact ITSS by either requesting support, emailing or phoning 667-8535.

IMPORTANT: NEVER Share Your Active Directory Password.

I Am a YEU Employee – How Do I Access “My HR File”?

While at work simply log on to “My HR File” here; My HR File.

I Need Technical Support:

I Need More Information About “My HR File” – Where do I go?

Help! My Leave or Information is WRONG in “My HR File”! Who Do I Contact?