Applies To:   All Education Employees
  • Works on all departmental provided computers
  • If you have a YNET Gov account see “I am a YEU employee” below.
  • can be used on any computer (work or home)
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I Am A Teacher – How Do I Access “My HR File”?

  1. If you have not done so this year ensure you have set your YESNET Active Directory password via Rapid Identity.
  2. Vist
  3. Log on using your YESNet AD/Rapid Identity account (NOTE username must include domain e.g.
  4. Click on “My HR File” Click Sign into Peoplesoft.
  5. Enter your YESNET AD/Rapid Identity credentials as above to access HRMS.

Guides for Teachers To View Leave:

  1. How To: Use Remote Access (Start Here)
  2. How To: Logging into Employee Self Service
  3. Questions

More Questions? Contact ITSS by either requesting support, emailing or phoning 667-8535.

IMPORTANT: NEVER Share Your Active Directory Password.

I Am a YEU Employee – How Do I Access “My HR File”?

-If you are at work logged in on a Windows YNET station click link –   My HR File.

-If you are on YESNET or at home login to

-As a YEU employee you must use your YNET username and password (e.g. ynet\jbsmith)

I Need Technical Support:

I Need More Information About “My HR File” – Where do I go?

Help! My Leave or Information is WRONG in “My HR File”! Who Do I Contact?