This is a summary of changes being implemented to the Yukon Education Microsoft Home Use Program effective January 2017.

How Does This Affect Me?

A necessary system upgrade is taking place which affects existing Office365 accounts.


What Will Change?

Your username and password to sign in to the Office 365 portal  and services will become linked your YESNET Active Directory account. The YESNET AD account is what staff currently use to access the webfilter, HRMS and work account for 1 to 1 Cost Sharing users. Further information on the YESNET AD accounts can be found here. This change is part of a larger initiative as Yukon Education moves towards a single sign-in for various services.

Your new Office 365 account credentials are:

Username: First Name.Last (e.g.
Password: Your password will become the same as your YESNET Active Directory account (the same service you use to access webfilter, HRMS)

Can I Reset the New Password?

For the time being a request will need to be sent to should you forget your password and need it reset.


For Student Users

Please contact ITSS (see contact below). In your request be sure to include your student ID and school.


Will I Still Be Able to Use Office 365?

Yes. You will be able to use this account as long as you remain a Yukon student or Yukon Education employee.


Will I Lose My Data?

No. Any data you have stored in Office 365 won’t be affected. This change only applies to signing in to your account.


Questions or need Support?

If you have any problems connecting to your account, please contact ITSS via or by phone at 667-8535.