An issue affecting devices deployed to your school this summer (2018) has been identified. Due to recent changes in Apple’s factory configuration the built in apps (e.g. iMovie, Pages, Keynote, Garageband, Numbers, Clips, iTunes U) are hard coded to ask for an Apple ID. The solution for this behavior is to delete these apps from the device which allows the app to be pushed again to the device but in a managed state. The reinstalled app will not require an Apple ID.

In person visits by ITSS staff are planned but for immediate steps that can be taken see below.

To delete apps

We have removed the restriction that prohibits users to delete apps. We will reinstate once this issue is resolved at your school.

On the Home screen, tap and hold on the app to be deleted. The app will begin to jiggle and an x will appear on the top left corner of the apps on the home screen. Tap the x to delete apps.The apps to be deleted are:
• Clips (screenshot)
• iMovie
• Garageband
• iTunes U
• Keynote
• Numbers
• Pages
Once deleted, the ipads will reinstall the apps with a managed version or they can be downloaded immediately via Self Service.