• When printing from Pages users are prompted to select two sided printing when going to Print the document.
  • Follow the steps below to enable duplex printing by default under Mac OS X in MS Word.


  1. Choose the print command from the application you are working in and select the printer you normally print to – in this example, we are printing from MS Word.
  2. Select the popup menu that says ‘Copies & Pages‘ and choose Layout.
    layout settings
  3. To print two-sided pages in portrait orientation select Long Edge binding.
    long-edge binding
  4. You can now save this setting as a preset. Select the popup menu beside Presets and choose Save Current Settings as Preset…
    save presets
  5. GIve your new setting a name and and select the radio button beside All Printers to make this setting available for all of your printers. Click OK to save your preset.
    preset name
  6. Your new pre-set is now ready for use.
    new preset