The Guest Account is a built in feature to the MacOS allowing for visitors to access machines without the need for a password. The Guest Account is displayed at the Login Window of all macOS devices.

In the Guest account you can access all apps, browse the internet, check email etc. However, this account deletes data saved upon logout making it fresh for the next user. Users receive a notification of this upon logout.

If the need arises the Guest Account does have access to certain folders that can be used to save or access files on the machine. MacOS contains a Users folder where all User accounts are stored. Within Users is a Shared Folder. This can be used to save files if needed or to allow Guest users to access files (such as in the case of a substitute teacher).

To access the /Users/Shared folder – In Finder, select Go>Go To Folder

Type in /Users/Shared/

A window opens that you can drag and drop files to or open.