Applies To:  Departmental Staff

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Zoom FAQ

A: Zoom is a "video conferencing" application that is the successor to how we used to do "video conference" (using a full dedicated video conference endpoint located in a room).

Zoom will dept. staff to host simple meetings directly from MacBooks, iPads and or cell phones to iMacs, MacBooks and or cell phones.

Please note that only the meeting host requires a Zoom account.

A: Yes. Zoom should be available on Education devices (iPads, MacBooks, iMacs) via Self Service.

For personal devices simply go to

A: Zoom "Basic" is free for anyone to use.

Zoom "Pro" accounts are available to dept. staff in Education to use to provide support & training to Yukon teachers.

Please note that only the meeting host requires a Zoom account.

A: Send a request in to You will receive an invitational email where you can then set your password.
A: The password requirements for Zoom accounts are:
  • Must be at least 6 characters
  • Cannot contain only one character¬†(i.e., "111111" or "aaaaaa")
  • Cannot contain consecutive characters (i.e., "123456" or "abcdef")
Note: A future upgrade will allow ITSS to connect Zoom to your YNET account.
A: Visit the Zoom Reset Password Page by clicking on the following link and provide your gov email address.

Forgot password
  1. Start a meeting
  2. Click Invite users
  3. Click Invite a Room System
  4. Click Call Out
  5. Select a unit from the drop down menu, ensure H.323 is selected
  6. Click Call