Applies To:  Yukon teachers and students

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Foldr FAQ

A: Foldr is a new service to access your school server storage and supports access from mobile devices.

Foldr works with iOS, Android, and any standard web browser. It is in additional to the traditional method outlined here

Foldr allows teachers to define their own shares, such as assignments, and who can access them.

A: No software is required if using your web browser.

For increased functionality with a mobile device, such as copying files to the server, you can install the free Foldr app.

For iOS

For Android

A1: Open a web browser to https://<your school acronym> For example,

A2: Configure the app on your mobile device with the following information
  1. Select Personal device
  2. Foldr Address - <your school acronym>
  3. Username - Your YESNet username
  4. Password - Your YESNet password

A: Any teacher or student enrolled in a Yukon school can connect with their existing YESNet credentials.

This service is not currently available to YNet accounts.