First Class and Exchange email accounts are equipped with a service to quarantine junk messages and or potentially hazardous emails. No Spam filter will always be correct. To help improve our SPAM (junk email) filter, please forward spam/junk email directly to​​ AS AN ATTACHMENT.

If however, you identify that an email has been quarantined in error and you need access to it please see the instructions below. Or log in manually to


  1. Open the email marked Quarantined spam and bulk messages. At the bottom click on the Link to Login to TrendMicro Console.
  2. Using your YESNET Active Directory Credentials (include login to the service. If you have a YNET (gov) account use your YNET credentials.
  3. 3. Select the email(s) you wish to release. Click Release. The email will now appear in your inbox and future emails will no longer be quarantined. Click Log off when done.