To export emails or Folders from your First Class account for archiving or responding to ATIPP requests –

1. Create a folder on the desktop of your workstation
 Label the folder Export

NOTE- Calendars and calendar data cannot be exported from FirstClass

2. Start FirstClass and open your mail box. Select those emails that you want to export by clicking on the first email, then hold down the shift key and select
other emails. You can select individual emails or multiple emails.

3. A window opens when you right click on the selected emails. Find and click on export. A message will appear asking where do you want the export to go. Find the Export folder on the desktop.

4. Check to see if the selected emails were exported to the Email Export folder in the Export folder.

5. When you open the Email folder you should see 4 options. Find the text document, it usually is the third choice. Open the text document and you should see all the information from that email.