This knowledge Base will contain the most frequently asked questions Yukon Education employees may have.

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When Submitting A Support Request or Question Please include:

  • Who & where you are (e.g. My name is Jane Smith and I am a teacher at CKES in room X)
  • How best to reach you (cell phone number, school phone number, email, etc.)
  • Specific details about the issue(s) you are having  (e.g. “I cannot send email in FirstClass” is more helpful than “YESNet doesn’t work”)
  • If you are requesting support for students please include their full name and student number
  • If you are requesting support for a device please include all the information you have (device name, asset tag, location, etc.)

What happens next?

  • All support requests are entered into our web based support ticket system
  • All tickets are numbered and assigned to a technician
  • All tickets are handled in a “first come first serve prioritized by ITSS based on urgency”
  • On average ITSS has 50 active support requests open
  • Notices, requests for more information, updates and resolution notes are sent to your work email inbox