How can I get IT support & how does our support system work?

This knowledge Base will contain the most frequently asked questions Yukon Education employees may have.

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When Submitting A Support Request or Question Please include:

  • Who & where you are (e.g. My name is Jane Smith and I am a teacher at CKES in room X)
  • How best to reach you (cell phone number, school phone number, email, etc.)
  • Specific details about the issue(s) you are having  (e.g. “I cannot send email in FirstClass” is more helpful than “YESNet doesn’t work”)
  • If you are requesting support for students please include their full name and student number
  • If you are requesting support for a device please include all the information you have (device name, asset tag, location, etc.)

What happens next?

  • All support requests are entered into our web based support ticket system
  • All tickets are numbered and assigned to a technician
  • All tickets are handled in a “first come first serve prioritized by ITSS based on urgency”
  • On average ITSS has 50 active support requests open
  • Notices, requests for more information, updates and resolution notes are sent to your work email inbox



What role does ITSS play in Yukon Education?

ITSS is an acronym that stands for “Information Technology & Support Services”. ITSS consists of IT support professionals and provides the following services;

  • ITSS provides all IT “break fix” support for all of Yukon Education employees
  • ITSS maintains all IT infrastructure for Yukon Education’s YESNet hardware, software, the YESNet network and services
  • ITSS supports the YNET network in collaboration with the main Yukon Government IT shop “Information Communication Technology”
Please be advised ITSS only provides support for IT hardware, software and services. ITSS isn’t able to provide any training for IT hardware, software and or services as there are other resources for Yukon Education staff available. 

ITSS works closely with TAL (Technology Assisted Learning). TAL consists of seconded teachers and provides;

  • In-servicing and access to technology training resources for Yukon schools
  • Aspen Student Information System support and training
  • The technology vision for Yukon schools