1. Check Connections

The computer should have multiple connections to the Epson projector:

a) USB (this is needed for interactive functionality)

b)Graphic (often VGA cable with an adapter)

c) Sound connections from computer to built in speakers or patched to other sound system (e.g. SoundField)

d) HDMI for Apple TVs.


2. Image

If there is no picture or it is indistinct check the following:

a) Ensure the correct source is selected on the remote (e.g. Computer, Video, HDMI etc.). Press Source Search.

b) On the Mac, go to System Preferences>Display. Ensure display is optimized for projector rather than Mac. This should automatically alter the resolution.

c) Check image settings on the Projector via remote (Select Menu>Picture)

d) There is a focus lever located on the right side of the projector. Use to adjust image.




d) If odd colouring of the image continues after performing the above relevant steps, attempt replacing the adapter connecting the VGA to the Mac.

4. Pen Calibration

If you pen requires re-calibration see below:

  1. On the remote select Menu>Extended>Easy Interactive Function.
  2. Select Calibration. Manual calibration is preferable. Follow the steps provided.

5. Troubleshooting

If your interactive pen is not functioning properly refer to the following steps. For Calibration see #5 Pen Calibration

a) Ensure pen has power, check LED indicator on pen, if it does not light up, swap batteries.

b) Ensure USB connections are in place.

c) Ensure correct source (e.g. Computer, Video, HDMI etc.) is selected on the remote.

d) Using the remote, select Menu>Extended. Ensure Easy Interactive Function is on.

e)  If issue persists, check Driver version, update or reinstall Easy Interactive Driver and Tools if necessary (available through Self Service).

f) If issue persists, check Pen Settings on Epson Projector Menu (available via remote).

g) h) If issue persists, try a different pen. If it works notify ITSS as pen will need to be replaced.

h) If issue persists, try different USB port on the Mac, restart computer and Epson projector. If it works on another USB port there is a hardware issue. Notify ITSS.