Applies To:  YNET & YESNet Computers & Mobile devices (e.g. One-to-One MacBooks, iPads)
  • Please read instructions carefully
  • Do NOT backup sensitive data (student information, student photos, confidential documents) to personal storage
  • All data should be encrypted
ITSS highly recommends users ensure their machines have a backup solution in place. There are numerous options, this article will outline a few suggestions.

YESNet (Classroom) Options:


Both teachers & students are provided their own “school server” network file server account to store files at your school.

How do I..

Connect? Connecting to the server.

One-to-One Program Options:


icloud-drive-800_thumb800Apple offers iCloud as a free service offering up to 5GB of storage.  For additional space, there is a subscription fee. Users will require an Apple ID. iCloud has the advantage of providing one service that works for both OS X and iOS devices. To setup iCloud on your OS X machine see below:

  • Go to System Preferences>iCloud.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID (either personal or one created specifically for work).
  • To manage your iCloud settings select which items you would like to sync.
  • Select iCloud drive.
  • Select or deselect which Apple apps you would like to auotmaitcally sync to your iCloud Drive.
  • For non Apple Apps (e.g. MS Word, Excel etc.) you will need to save these documents to your iCloud drive. This is accessible via the Finder:

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.50.28 PM

iCloud documents can be accessed from your machine, from iOS devices (that are signed into your icloud account) or from the icloud website.

For further information, go to:


A built in backup service to all Macs, Time Machine offers automatic backups that run in the background. Please note the backup includes all user accounts on the machine.

  • Go to System Preferences  Time Machine

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.54.30 PM

  • Unlock the padlock (use your Mobile account credentials)
  • Turn the service ON
  • Select Options

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.55.55 PM

  • Select Folders to exclude from the backup. We recommend excluding the system folder as these are files that can be restored by reinstalling the OS (Choose Macintosh HD, Select System, Click Exclude). This will substantially reduce the size of your backup.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.58.17 PM

  • Plug in external drive to machine.
  • Choose Select Disk, choose external volume.  ITSS recommends backups are encrypted.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.03.53 PM


Apple recommends backup services such as CrashPlan and iDrive. These are subscription-based secure backup services that offer support for computing and mobile platforms.

YNET (Offices, E1) Options:

All staff on YNET are granted access to the “G:” & “H:” drives.

  • G: Drive: Shared resources are found on the G: drive (G is for ‘general’)
  • H: Drive: Any personal files, including email archives, are stored on your personal H: drive (H for ‘home’)

 Note: The G: drive is being supplanted by Yukonnect Sharepoint for file storage, sharing & collaboration.


All staff on YNET are granted access Yukonnect Sharepoint.

Staff may backup personal documents to Yukonnect using the built in “OneDrive” personal storage located:












Files are easily uploaded and shared by you. You also have a “Shared with Everyone” folder so anyone accessing your Sharepoint profile can access that file.