Apple TVs in Yukon Schools IT Information

Apple TVs are a great way to help transform classrooms with technology and supported by ITSS. Here is what you need to know;

  • Planning: Apple TVs in a school setting require a classroom IT readiness assessment to check for network readiness
    • is there a network drop available to use?
    • how is the wireless signal in the classroom?
    • is the teacher planning to stream media?
  • Procurement: Apple TVs must be purchased through ITSS
  • Installation: Any install requiring wiring be installed must be done by a certified and insured professional
  • Setup: Any purchased Apple TV must come to ITSS for configuration
 The above process is simply designed to ensure you have the best possible experience in your classroom which can vary based on many factors and may require upgrades be completed prior to use.

Apple TV Inputs

For further information regarding Apple TV (2nd and 3rd Gen) connections please see: Apple Tv -Guide to Ports

  1. The Apple TV should be placed in a location that is accessible for the remote. Additionally, it will require power and an HDMI cable (note you may require an adapter depending on the projector/monitor you are using) to be connected to the projector/monitor it is being setup with. Whenever possible we recommend using an ethernet connection. Ensure that cables are adequate length, are run cleanly and are not trip hazards.
    NOTE: HDMI cable carries audio signal. The optical audio port can be connected to a sound system for additional volume and quality.
  2. Connect the Apple TV to a power source. A white light should be visible. When booting up, it will flash. When ready, this light will become solid.
  3. If you have not done so plug the HDMI cable to output the display.



The Apple TV will come pre-configured from ITSS so that should automatically join the school network and be ready for use. This information below is for reference when needed.


  • From the Main Screen, select Settings>General>Network.
  • Select the wireless network you wish to join. It will prompt you for the corresponding password. NOTE: If connected via Ethernet this process is automatic.


  • From the Main Screen, select Settings>General>Restrictions.
  • Default code is 8535.
  • This menu allows for control over various ratings related restrictions.

Main Menu

  • From the Main Screen, select Settings>Main Menu.
  • Here you can make visible various items for the Main Screen if desired.


  • Airplay is the feature that enables content to be streamed from OS and iOS devices to the Apple TV.
  • From the Main Screen, select Settings>Airplay
  • Airplay can be turned off and on. As default, it is enabled.


  • Please note Reset will reset the Apple TV to factory settings!

Streaming Content

From the Main Menu you can select various services such as Netflix, Podcasts, and various news organizations to show content in the classroom.

Imovie Theatre, IPhoto Stream

These services require an iCloud account to use.


One of the chief uses of an Apple TV in the classroom allows you to stream directly from your iOS device such an ipad to the Apple TV for projection.

  • Airplay settings on the Apple TV can be accessed from Settings>Airplay. We configure the Apple TVs to have Airplay enabled.
  • On your iOS device go to the control panel. Turn Airplay on and select the Apple TV you wish to connect. NOTE: You must be on the same wifi network as the Apple TV.
  • Once connected you will see your device displayed.
  • Conference Room Display: This setting displays onscreen instructions for using Airplay and connecting to the Apple TV.