Applications for school use must be purchased through the Volume Purchasing Program which provides institutional control and licensing of applications. This ensures that applications used in Yukon public schools are compliant with Apple’s terms and conditions.

EXCEPTION: Apps can be purchased/downloaded for personal use on staff ipads.

For further information or to place an app purchase request for your school contact Mike Snider, TAL Consultant.

Installing Apps

Once your purchase request has been processed, ITSS targets the appropriate set of devices and they will begin to automatically download newly purchased apps.

NOTE FOR STUDENT IPADS: It is important for this process to work that the name and settings of the device (including the itunes account) are not changed! These features are currently locked on devices and should not be changed without consulting ITSS.

Staff Ipads and Using Personal Apple IDs

Unlike Student Ipads which are locked to an institutionally owned Apple ID, we recommend that Staff Ipads use a personal Apple ID. This way, you can use personal purchases in addition to receiving apps from your institution. When your staff ipad is activated you will receive an Invite from Yukon education on your device. Accept this invitation and this will allow us to push out institutional apps to your device. In order to accept this invite, you will require an Apple ID. Please note, Yukon Education does not gain access to any personal information regarding your Apple ID aside from the name of the account that we ‘gift’ the app to.